Measure A San Diego: A solution for homelessness!

Yes on A

Yes on Measure A - Homes for San Diegans creates enough affordable homes so that every veteran and child in San Diego experiencing homelessness could have access to a home. It also provides thousands of affordable homes for low-wage families, workers, seniors, and people living with disabilities.


Create housing affordable for local homeless children and their families living in shelters, on the streets or in danger of becoming homeless.

Supportive Housing

Provide housing for chronically homeless where they can get supportive mental health services, drug and alcohol treatment, job training and placements.

Low-income families

Ensure the working poor can afford housing and still have enough money for basics like food, transportation and childcare.

Safe, Clean, Healthy Housing

Create safe, clean and healthy housing affordable for low-income seniors, veterans and those with disabilities.

Homes Near Jobs

Provide affordable homes near jobs for low-income families.

COVID Relief

Create thousands of good-paying construction jobs to help our region rebound from the COVID-created economic crisis and provide homes where those most vulnerable to infection can get the care they need for themselves and to protect others.

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Numerous studies confirm San Diego faces a housing crisis. Median rent has increased 36 percent since 2000, while median renter income has increased just 4 percent over the same period.

The lack of affordable housing displaces seniors, veterans, transition age youth, and people with disabilities in substandard housing and homelessness.

Combined with a shortage of support services for those struggling with mental illness and substance abuse, it has contributed to a public health crisis and impacted the quality of life for residents in every neighborhood.

The Path to Victory

Public opinion polling commissioned by the Housing Federation and conducted by EMC Research shows San Diego voters are ready to address the housing crisis.

voters were asked:

“To provide affordable local housing and prevent displacement of vulnerable populations, including low- and moderate-income households, veterans, seniors, and persons with disabilities; provide supportive housing for homeless people; and help low- and middle-income households purchase homes and stay in their communities; shall the City of San Diego issue up to $900 million in general obligation bonds to acquire or improve real property, subject to independent citizen oversight and regular audits?”

71% of voters support the $900 million general obligation bond described above, with only 22% opposed.

84% of voters think "local government should be doing more to address affordable housing in the San Diego area.”

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