Add Your Name: The street is not – and should not – be a home.


Over 5,000 individuals in San Diego are homeless, and thousands more are at risk of becoming homeless.  There are homeless encampments in nearly every neighborhood in our city.   But the street is not – and should not – be a home.

Every one of us pays a daily price for our failure to address this human tragedy, and San Diego has tried various strategies to address this issue.  Some have produced small successes, while others have had mixed results.  But homelessness persists, and at times it seems as if there will never be a real solution.  

Homes for San Diegans, the ballot measure sponsored by the San Diego Housing Federation, is different.  It creates enough affordable homes so that every veteran and child in San Diego experiencing homelessness could have access to a home. It also provides thousands of affordable homes for low-wage families, seniors, and people with disabilities.

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